To vote or not to vote, that is the primary question


Though primaries in a heavily Democratic city like New York are “the real” voting to some people, others believe there is no point in voting at all.

James Ruiz, 32, was cleaning his car near the PS165 polling site, but not planning to go inside.  “I am a grounded person,” he said. “I care more about family and financing them rather than elections,” he added.

James is currently unemployed, but doesn’t see a solution in politics, “At the end of the day, candidates make decisions that they feel like, not what makes us vote for them.”

Charlie Bernard, 57, is a  Columbia University staff member, who was running errands some blocks away from the polling station. To him, politics means “too many promises and no result.” “I am not going to vote,” he said.

“I don’t believe in politicians, because everybody lies,” he added. He finds politicians to be more “entertaining” than practical. “It makes me laugh… watching politicians exchanging lies on TV,” he said.

After casting her vote in the primary for Assembly District 69, sociology student Adrianna Bagnall, 27, had a different perspective. “Today, it is very important to make sure that we have good people in our parties to put forward, so that we don’t end up with something like what’s going on with the presidential election.”

Watch more pro-voting thoughts here:



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