Tejada vies for Espaillat’s seat as self-proclaimed people’s leader

Tejada stands by his campaign poster. Credit: Sangsuk Sylvia Kang/The North Polls

By Sangsuk Sylvia Kang

A former union leader, math teacher, cab driver and tenants’ rights activist, Luis Tejada says he understands the roots and culture of the working class.

Tejada, 57, is in a four-way race for Democrat Adriano Espaillat’s Senate District 31 seat. He is one of two Dominican candidates vying for the post. He faces Marisol Alcantara, Robert Jackson and Micah Lasher in the primary Tuesday.

He has raised $4,101 as of September 8, according to the state Board of Elections. 

“My competition is my commitment with the people. I want to continue to be Luis Tejada, working for the people, fighting with myself not to be influenced by the money, by the power,” said Tejada, who has a wife and three grown children.

Campaign platform:

  • Defend tenants and preserve low-income housing
  • Improve public education for all children
  • Ensure and protect the quality of life for the elderly
  • Stop small businesses from closing
  • Preserve jobs

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