Perkins, a lifelong activist, runs for another state Senate term

Democratic State Senator Bill Perkins in his Harlem office . Credit: Bimina Ranjit/The North Polls

By Bimina Ranjit

Politics infected Bill Perkins at an early age.

Growing up during the era of civil rights movements, he has served as a community activist and politician all his life. Perkins, 66, a Democrat, represents District 30 in the New York State Senate. He has held the seat for the past decade. He also serves as deputy minority whip. The 30th Senate District incorporates Harlem, majority of East Harlem, the Upper West Side and Washington Heights.

Perkins has been a Harlem resident all his life. He lives with his wife, Pamela, and four children in Central Harlem. Perkins has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brown University. His professional experience includes being the deputy majority leader for the New York City Council from 1998 to 2006.

He has raised $33,817 as of September 11, according to the state Board of Elections.

While he has no Democratic challengers, Perkins faces Republican Jon Girodes in November’s general election.

Listen to Perkins speak about his start in politics, the pressing issues in his district and the Presidential candidate Donald Trump, “He took his hood off.”

Campaign platform:

  • Supports public health
  • Supports equal educational opportunity for all
  • Advocates against wrongful imprisonment
  • Advocates against solitary confinement in prisons
  • Opposes racial, ethnic and religious profiling

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